Hong Kong MPF plan design

Choosing the right MPF provider for your company’s needs

How do you know whether your decision-makers have provided the best options under the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme (MPF) for your employees? We can help.

Since the pension element is a key component of your employee’s total rewards, managing an MPF scheme for your employees takes more than initial selection of providers and leaving it all to that third party to safeguard your staff’s retirement pot.  The MPF system is coming of age with 20-year track record, and all employers should check when they last reviewed their providers’ performance.  Individual MPF accounts are accumulating to sizeable amounts and be a meaningful contribution to your employee’s retirement wellbeing, and employers should be sensitive to the discrepancy in performance of the best and worst investment options.  According to a statistical analysis of accrued benefits held by scheme members of MPF schemes, the average MPF account has around HK$150,000 in it and more than 50,000 individuals have HK$1million in MPF assets.

How Mercer can help your business

At Mercer we advise clients around the world on how to get the most out of their pension schemes.

Here are some of the ways we can help you ensure your MPF scheme is performing as well as possible, and help your employees become fully aware of the benefits they are receiving.

  • Fund Provider Selection

    At Mercer our MPF broking services include a comprehensive review of your choices among top MPF providers, taking account of your members’ demographic profile and current preferences in investment options. We then provide unbiased and tailor-made advice and solutions to fit your objectives and needs about whether to change MPF providers, or add a new one. All of our advice is based on how well the provider ranks in terms of the criteria defined by you, We can also provide a hassle-free communication plan for you to share the good work done to make your MPF scheme a relevant and recognized part of your total value proposition to your employees.
  • Smart MPF Services

    Would you like to continually monitor your MPF scheme design and provider performance, and ensure the scheme is being appreciated... all at no cost to you or your employees? Who wouldn’t?

    Mercer aims to make the task of designing, selecting, and monitoring an appropriate MPF easy and affordable. Mercer offers a range of simple MPF scheme governance services which help you enhance employee engagement with the MPF scheme.

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